I’ve written a little bit about Curtsies on my blog.

The source and issue tracker for Curtsies are on Github.

A good place to ask questions about Curtsies is #bpython on irc.freenode.net.


Curtsies was written by Thomas Ballinger to create a frontend for bpython that preserved terminal history.

Thanks so much to the many people that have contributed to it!

  • Amber Wilcox-O’Hearn - paired on a refactoring
  • Darius Bacon - lots of great code review
  • Fei Dong - work on making FmtStr and Chunk immutable
  • Julia Evans - help with Python 3 compatibility
  • Lea Albaugh - beautiful Curtsies logo
  • Rachel King - several bugfixes on blessings use
  • Scott Feeney - inspiration for this project - the original title of the project was “scott was right”
  • Zach Allaun, Mary Rose Cook, Alex Clemmer - early code review of input and window
  • Chase Lambert - API redesign conversation